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Friday, 29 August 2008

6 Easy Ways to Increase your Adsense Revenue

How much revenue do you generate from Google Adsense?

Recently there has been a lot of discussion about people who earn over $10,000 a month just from Adsense. Furthermore, there are rumors of a few individuals who earn over $1 million a year just from using the power of Google advertisements.

So what is Google Adsense and how can you use this program to earn a six-figure income?

About two years ago, Google created this program to help websites to monetize their web-traffic.

Here's how it works:

Webmasters obtain a special code from Google which then displays targeted ads on their website. Whenever a visitor clicks on one of these ads, the webmaster earns a commission. Unlike other online businesses, there is no selling involved. All you need to do is get people to click on the ads.

Although this is an excellent way to generate an income, many websites are not effectively maximizing their Adsense potential. As a result, they are leaving a lot of cash on the table.

The question is how can you increase your Adsense revenue without increasing the number of web visitors?

The key to earning an income with Google Adsense is to have your ads match the rest of the site, making them look like part of your content. Your focus is to avoid having the Adsense blocks look like blatant advertisements.

The following are six ways that you can do this and increase your revenue at the same time:

1. Find the right place- Most website visitors read content that is in the middle of a webpage. As a result, the best place to put your Adsense block is in the top part of the page, at the beginning of your web content. You want to weave the Google Ads into your web content to give the appearance that they are extra links which expand on the information of the page.

2. Use the Large Rectangle-With Google Adsense, you have the option of picking different ad formats. Most of the time people opt to use the Leaderboard (728x90) or Wide Skyscraper (160x600) style ads. Unfortunately, this is the wrong choice, because both look like blatant advertisements. Instead smart webmasters have found that using the Large Rectangle (336x280) yields the best amount of click-thrus.

3. Ditch the border- Many people experience a sharp increase in Adsense revenue when they changing their border. What they change is very simple…they get rid of the border on their Adsense blocks. This is another way to make the advertisements look like useful web content.

4. Adapt the font- Whenever you write content, it should be the same font size and style as your Google Adsense block. This will help make it appear that the advertisements are a natural part of your website.

5. Match the colors- In addition to changing the fonts, you also should match the colors of your website. For instance, if your content is written in black, and your hyperlinks are blue, then the Adsense blocks should also be the same color. Again, this helps the advertisements appear to be normal web content.

6. Don't have too many distractions- On a webpage, it is important to give web visitor a limited number of options. By having too many links and graphics, the web visitor might go to a section that doesn't help increase your profits. While it is important to inform and entertain your web visitor, it is also vital that you monetize your site. So if the main focus of your site is to earn an income through Google Adsense, then get rid of all non-essential links and graphics.

By taking the time to implement these six simple steps, you'll see a dramatic increase in the click-thru ratio of your ads. If added to all of the content of your site, your Adsense income will skyrocket!

Source : Scott Patterson / Article Emporium

Wednesday, 27 August 2008

What is the best place to put Adsense Ads

Why, on your web pages of course. Ok, just kidding. The real question should be: “Is there really any truth to the rumors that where you place those Google AdSense ads can actually improve response?” According to my best information, the answer to that question is: Yes.

Google’s own AdSense experts say that that there is a direct correlation between the placement of the AdSense ads and the resulting clickthrough.

When ads are placed in “content zones”, rather than in “advertising zones”, response rates on Google AdWords goes up. There are also indications showing that ads appearing on the right side of the page get clicked more than ads appearing on the left side.

Advertising analysts with degrees in human behavior and psychology have spent thousands of man-years (people-years?) studying how people read printed and Internet content and what it takes to get them to respond to ads. While some of these studies are proprietary, or are only available to anyone with $10,000 or more to spend on a copy, other studies have been made public and can be read by anyone who is interested.

Google themselves has released some relevant information which is focused directly on increasing your Google AdSense response. You can read their findings here

Of course, all of the studies in the world aren’t worth a hill of beans if the findings don’t work on your web site. That’s why it is important to test, test and test again. Experiment with your Google AdSense placement and track the results over a period of time. Google provides response tracking tools in your AdSense control panel. Learn how to use them. As you begin to see what may be only subtle differences in response, you’ll be able to determine what works best for your particular site. But don’t get complacent. What’s working for you now might not work next month if you change your site design or content.

One of the most important factors in determining placement of your ads is the type of content that your site delivers. If you are primarily an e-commerce site, and you have a lot of pictures and ad copy for your own products competing for attention against AdSense ads, then it is going to be a particularly tough challenge getting any kind of decent Google AdSense clickthrough. It is situations like this that require very thorough testing and a lot of trial and error.

Blogs seem to have a lot of success generating high response rates to Google AdSense listings. Perhaps it’s because blog readers realize that ad revenue is the only way that their favorite blogmaster can keep the lights on, so the readers think of clicking on ads as a way to make a donation.

Regardless of what the experts say, your best bet is to tailor your Google AdSense ad placement to what your own experience shows works best for you. In the end, you’re the only expert who matters.

When it comes to successful titles the truth is ebooks are specifically geared to caterer to niche markets in most cases. What this means for you is the potential to market your site to a very specific niche of online visitors. If you chose a niche ebook, you could potentially develop and market your website with highly specific keywords that can make your website very attractive to a motivated group of online visitors.

Source :

Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Optimizing AdSense and the Big Picture

Optimizing AdSense is a fairly simple procedure to get started on, and you will notice the results very quickly. But as you begin to do more of it, you have to take into consideration the possible negative effects of your optimization. Many sites have multiple revenue streams, including display media, leads, and sponsorship. Is your optimization hurting those other revenue streams?

In order to get a good idea of the effect you are having, it is necessary to segment users into groups, and see how those groups are monetizing with AdSense, along with any other useful metrics you have access to. For example, how many pageviews per user are you getting with each test style? How many leads are these users generating?

Depending on your site structure, and what tools or partners you are using, getting the answer to these questions will be different, but the overall methodology should stay the same. One simple way to look at the overall site performance is to start each page with a cookie. If a user already has a cookie, you check which test group they belong to, and assign that value to a variable. If they don't yet have a cookie, you randomly put them in one of your test groups, and give them the cookie for later pages in their session.

Once you have established a user in a group, you then make sure to pass this information anywhere it applies. For AdSense you will show the test style associated with that group. If you use a partner like, you can pass in the test name for tracking leads from these users. For your analytics software, you likewise segment based on this test group.

Now instead of looking how just AdSense is performing, you can start to see a larger picture. In my experience, often what is best for AdSense often is a net gain for sites, but there are definitely exceptions. Using this framework, you can make sure that your testing gives you results that optimize your entire site.

Source : Danni Gabriner /

Monday, 25 August 2008

How Affiliate Links, Google Adsense, and Content Can Get You Lots of Money

One of the most frequently asked questions of all time is, "How do I make moneyon the Internet"?

If you have been trying to make money on the Internet for even a short while you have undoubtedly heard quite a few names being thrown about. It seems as ifeveryone sees themselves as an expert and everyone who is anyone knows everyoneelse who is someone. It is like a marketing guru clique. And they make you thinkthat if you do not know somebody, you will always be a nobody.

You have probably encountered product launches, audio and video streaming,teleseminars, and joint ventures, etc. The gurus that are selling these productsand services are making money hand over fist. In all fairness, these productsand services are genuine and valuable to the folks who buy them.

But what most of them will not tell you is that there are thousands of people onthe Internet making thousands of dollars a month without spending a lot ofmoney. They do not fly to every seminar in the country just to make contacts.They rarely do joint ventures, because frankly, no one knows who they are. Theyliterally sit in front of their computers in their underwear, click a few links,and wait for the money to roll in.

How do they do it? Affiliate links, Google Adsense, and content.

Take Google Adsense, for instance. Search engines love good content, the more,the better.

When you create multiple content pages on your website, the search enginespiders crawl the site, then follow each link to more content, which helps raiseyour rankings.

How does this make you money? By placing Adsense ads on every page. As readersclick through your pages, many will also click the Adsense links. Every timethey do, you make a commission from Google. It can be anywhere from a few centsto several dollars.

They do not have to buy anything. Just clicking the link makes you money. Themore people you drive to your site, the more people will click the links, andthe more money you will make.

Now all you need is content. If you are a good writer, you can write your own.But most of us are not.

One option would be to use articles written by others. Go to any of the populararticle directories and you will find thousands of articles. Most can used freeof charge as long as you include the resource box with each article. Since you are not promoting your own product, this is a very viable option.

The major downside to using other peoples articles is that the reader will viewthem as the expert and likely click the link in the resource box instead of theAdsense links, and you lose money.

However, the best option is Private Label Rights articles. Just a little editingcan turn these articles into your own creation. there are plenty of article editing software and I've tried a few. The one I recommend is Secret Article ConverterIf you don't want to spend hours editing each and every article so that the search engines view your article as duplicate content...a definite no-no...than try this new program. You not only get a time-saving article conversion program but joint venture coalitions, windfall advertising, and turnkey max profits. It is a real bargain!The reader will view you as the expert, since you are not competing with another writer.

You can also include your own resource box with a link to an affiliate program,so whether they click the Adsense links or your affiliate link, you haveincreased your chances of making money. And you have done it without a singleproduct of your own.

Making money on the Internet is not as difficult as some would have you believe.As with any business, give the people what they want and they will keep comingback.

Source : Amitt Sharmaa /

Thursday, 21 August 2008

Ultimate Adsense Ad Placement Techniques

When you're running a website, whoever is surfing it is staring at the screen...but where? One of the biggest questions for web designer and adsense publishers is discovering where their website visitors are going to be looking when they arrive at their website. This article will reveal the answer to this often asked question and explain the trick to adsense ad placement for the highest adsense ctr.

"Where are the user's eyes looking?" Where do your eyes go when you read articles on the Web? What do you notice and what do you miss? Well, we've got some answers for you, because this topic has been studied. Turns out that the upper left quarter of the screen gets the most attention, according to the Eyetrack III research of The Poynter Institute, the Estlow Center for Journalism & New Media, and Eyetools. But that's not all. There's more to it than that.

People's eyes have some very common behavior patterns. It probably has to do with our hunter-gatherer ancestry.

First, we do reconnaissance, or "recon" as the military calls it. Users' eyes flick over the entire screen at whatever draws their attention. And what draws it most? Well, the first hot spots are headlines, photo captions, subheadings, links, menu items and the logo on the page-doesn't matter if it's a good logo or a bad one, people look at logos.

Then the upper left corner of the screen gets special attention, probably because that's where people expect to find the very best stuff. And the right-hand and lower part of the page almost always gets less attention.

This is info that site developers must know: when you put your most important, vital content outside that critical upper left corner, that important content might as well be invisible when people are making the big decision: whether to stay on your site and read more or go somewhere else.

Yes, people scan a page quickly. But scanning has a purpose: it quickly identifies to a user what they really want to read. The good news is that if you can hook them right off the bat, when they start actually reading a new story on the Web, they read a larger proportion than if they were reading that very same story in the newspaper.

How To Use Frontloading to Attract Your Visitor's Attention

Frontloading means that you start headlines, paragraphs and links with the most important words. The first words should communicate the subject of the headline, paragraph or link. This is not like writing a novel or a story, where you have time to be coy and not get to the point for awhile. You've got about a quarter of a second to grab that user's attention or he won't read the rest of the sentence. Make the most of that opportunity.

If you do this, and you frontload your writing, especially at the top of the page, user's eyes will easily catch the most important info, and they'll keep reading.

Here are some examples of good frontloading:
- Foo Fighters release new cd
- Barbeque beef ribs recipes everyone will like
- Tom Cruise stars in a new movie

Here are some bad examples that are not frontloaded:
- New cd is being released, it's by the Foo Fighters
- Everyone will love these great new recipes for barbeque beef ribs
- New movie is coming out and it'll star Tom Cruise

Just following these simple Google Adsense tips will result in higher adsense ctr and visitors staying for a longer time at your websites.

Source : Bhatt Bijoy /

Monday, 18 August 2008

7 Adsense Tips For Greater Online Profits

The Google adsense program can offer a great way to add income from your website without having to sell any products or services. Most websites could profit well from adsense as long as they know how to effectively increase click through rates without diminishing the user experience by showing too many ads. Here are some tips that can help to increase click through rates and revenues from adsense:

Tip 1: Place adsense ads above the fold

Do not get too shy to place ads at the top of your site which visitors first see when they enter your site without having to scroll down. Simply place an adsense unit like a banner sized one in the center of the page. Avoid the very top as most people tend to skip that part and do not focus on that area too much.

Tip 2: Create a good quality site

Advertisers can now choose which sites they want their ads on so if you create a great site you are more likely to attract higher paying advertisers so you may receive more money per click. Make sure your site is unique and up to date as this will also attract return visitors which can really make a difference since you do not have to constantly get new visitors.

Tip 3: Put ads embedded into your content

If you have good length articles over 500 words then consider adding ad units like the 336x280 ad units directly into the content by using tables to wrap the content around the ads. This will help to increase click through rates since more people will see the ads.

Tip 4: Use colors appropriately

Try to make your ads blend in as much as you can with the rest of your site. Make the link colors match the main links on your site. If you can stick with the regular blue link color for the links on your site since that is what most people recognize as the standard link color.

Tip 5: Use more ads if you can

If there is enough content on the page do not be afraid to add more ads. The adsense program permits 3 ad units and 2 link units per page however make sure that your content is not squeezed too much, always keep the visitor experience in mind first otherwise people will simply hit the back button and not even read your content never mind click any of the ads.

Tip 6: Get rid of borders

Borders around your adsense ads make them appear more like ads and do not help to blend them in with the rest of your site. Remove the borders so the ads look more like a part of your site and this should help to increase click through rates.

Tip 7: Track your ads

Be sure to take advantage of tracking features in your adsense account so you know how well certain ads are doing. Experience is often the best teacher so try different approaches and stick with the ones that work and learn from your mistakes. Try some of these adsense tips to help you earn more money from your website.

Source : Antonio Patrickson/

Your Quest For High Paying Adsense Income

Most webmasters know that Adsense generates a sizeable source of additional advertising income. That is why most of them use it to go after high paying keywords. They have with them the lists that tells what the keywords are and have already used various methods of identifying them. And yet, after putting up these supposed-to-be high paying keywords into their pages, the money they expected to come rolling in is not really coming in.

What is it that they are doing wrong?

Having the pages with the proper keywords is one thing. But driving visitors to those pages is another matter and often the factor that is lacking.

The thing is, to get visitors to your high paying keyword pages, you need to optimize your site navigation.

Stop for a moment and think about how visitors are using your website. After a visitor has landed on a certain page, they have the tendency to click on another page that sounds interesting. They get there because of the other links that appears on a page that they initially landed on. This is site navigation. It is all about enabling visitors to move about your site. And one way of maximizing your Adsense earnings.

A typical website has menu links on each page. The wording on these links is what grabs a visitor’s attention and gets them to click on one of the links that will take them to another page of that website. Links that have “free’ or “download” are oftentimes good attention-grabbers.

This navigation logic can also be applied to driving traffic to your high paying pages. There are some websites that are getting a lot of traffic from search engines, but have low earnings. The trick is to try and use come cleverly labeled links to get the visitors off that pages and navigate them to the higher earning ones. This is one great way of turning real cheap clicks to real dollars.

Before you begin testing if this same style will work for you and your website, you need to have two things. Something to track and compare and some high earning pages you want to funnel your site traffic to. An option is to select a few of your frequently visited pages, to ensure fast result from your site visitors.

Now, the next thing to do is think of ways to get visitors viewing a particular page to try and click on the link that will take them to your high earning pages. Come up with a catchy description for that link. Come up with a catchy and unique description for the link. Think of something that people do not get to see everyday. That will trigger their curiosity enough to try and see what that was all about.

You can also use graphics to grab your readers’ attention. There is no limitation to what you can do to make your link noticeable.

Also remember that it is all about location, location and location. Once the perfect attention grabbing description has been achieved, you have to identify the perfect spot on your page to position that descriptive link to your high paying page.

There is nothing wrong with visiting other websites to see how they are going about maximizing their site navigation. “Hot pages” or “Most read” lists are very common and overly used already. Get to know the ones that many websites are using and do not try to imitate them.

Another way of doing it is to try and use different texts on different pages. That way you will see the ones that work and what does not. Try to mix things around also. Put links on top and sometimes on the bottom too. This is how you go about testing which ones get more clicks and which ones are being ignored.

Once you've found what works, don't get too comfortable! Keep a close eye on the clicks as your visitors can become used to an ads placement and will suffer from whats called "ad blindness".

Source :

Free E-book for Download : The Beginners Guide to Adsense

Google has unleashed an amazing source of advertising and revenue for both advertisers and publishers of websites. It's called Google Adsense. Adsense gives website publishers of all sizes the ability to display relevant Google ads on their content pages. Because the ads are relevantto your content your click through rates will be very high (you earn revenue as publisher every time someone clicks on ad on your page.

It works like this - Google actually READS the content on a website and places relevant ads based on that content

Advertisers bid on keywords to have THEIR ad displayed on those pages. The advertiser only pays if someone clicks on their ad.

You need to be approved to be an Adsense Publisher - and to do that you need a website.

Your site should have following features :

1. Content
2. Purpose
3. Other advertising such as an affiliate program or opt in newsletter.

it is important to have something on your site OTHER than just content. Google wants relevant GOOD site - not sites just put up to earn money from Google.

That being said - after you are approved for your first site, you can display your Adsense Ads on your other site as long as you abide by their guidelines. I suggest reading their terms of services but as general rule you want to :
  • Not display Adsense Ads in pop-ups
  • Not force clicks on the Adsense Ads
  • Not use Generated Pages
There are several aspects of building a profitable Google Adsense Site. Mainly they are keyword selection, content and linking.

For more details about this ebook, download in

Saturday, 16 August 2008

Free Ebook to Download : Adsense Revenue Exposed-Make MONEY

Want to turn your content into cash?

If you have a content site that's ready to be taken to the next level.... Or if you even have the slightest hint that creating content sites could be right for you...

...make sure you take this income opportunity seriously.

Google Adsense has proven for many who are looking to make money online - it's better to display ads than to place ads. Just take a look at the advantages...

* No need to search for untapped markets or take a chance creating products that may or may not sell.

You don't have to deal with customers, EVER!

You can still make a substantial income just from displaying ads (some earn as much as $25,000 per/month!)

Here's how it works: Google Adsense lets you place ads on your website. Every time a visitor clicks on an ad, you make money!

Make no mistake, Google Adsense performs better than any other advertising program out there. Just look at the benefits...

Google AdSense runs by itself - set it up one time and let Google do the rest from here on out!

Google AdSense matches relevant ads to your site! After automatically scouring your content, only the ads your visitors are most likely to click make it on to your webpage. More clicks means you make more cash!

Google AdSense lets you use text-only ads! Text ads won't slow your site down and have been proven to be more effective than even animated ads!

Google Adsense, Google Adwords And You!

So many businesses are running ad campaigns with Google Adwords (not Adsense) that virtually any topic you choose for your content site, there will be an ad campaign ready to display to your visitors.

These businesses pay Google for clicks from targeted Internet users - and you get to take a cut when you have Google Adsense running on your site!

Click here to start generating Google Adsense profits now!

If You're Not Profiting From Google Adsense Now, You'll Hate Yourself Later!

If you've ever tried profiting from Google Adsense before, you know it takes more than just setting up a website to start seeing any cash.

Don't make the mistake of thinking Google will let just ANY website join their program!

The truth is, Google likes some websites better than others. I'll let you in on the "top secret" industry conversations that will reveal how to set up your content site for maximum profit.

Inside my report, you'll learn my 5 step battle plan to Google Adsense profits. You'll learn how to format your ad blocks, research keywords, develop the right type of content and more!

When you're done reading the insider tips, tricks, and techniques only the pros know - you'll feel like you've been ready for this your whole life!

How To Take Advantage Of Google Adsense And Profit!

Thousands of marketers really are making substantial incomes from Google Adsense alone. In my special report, you'll discover...

* An inside look into how Google chooses the ads placed on your website (crucial to the moneymaking process).

* 3 reasons your website should be using Google Adsense (and nothing else) right now.

* How to keep your competitors ads from showing up on your website.

* How to let visitors search the web from your site (and profit while they do it)

* The simple mathematical formula behind Adsense that makes you cash. (And makes some Google Adsense users up to $25,000.00 a month.)

* The trick to creating a website Google will love (and will end up making you the most profits with).

* How to format your ads to get the most clicks (and cash)!

* Where to place your ads for maximum exposure (there's a technique to it).

* 5 tips to selecting super-keywords that bring in visitors that are ready to click.

* 2 rules to creating and finding quality content.

* How to use Google's built-in features to track your results and formulate your game plan.

* How to make sure you don't get in trouble with Google. (Many have!)

* 12 do's and don'ts for for your (long) journey with Google Adsense.

* The secret to using RSS feeds and Blogs to maximize your Adsense dollars.

And believe me, that's far from all.

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After you look through my report, if it's not all what you thought it would be, just write me a personal email saying so.

You can make it short. Just let me know it wasn't what you were looking for. I won't ask any questions - but I will refund your money ASAP and we'll part as friends.

Now you can't pass that offer up

The ebook can be downloaded here

Source : Adsense book Colection

Friday, 15 August 2008

Adsense - The Dollar Producing Factory

What Is Adsense?

AdSense is a wonderful advertising concept that was conceived by Google some time back. Though new advertising concepts keep coming up all the time, this one is something that is altogether different.

AdSense (Google’s advertising program) presents an earning opportunity to the website owners by allowing Google to post advertisements on their websites. These advertisements are either text advertisements or image based advertisements.

Top 4 Tips For Getting The Best Results From Your AdSense Ads

The revenue that you earn from Google AdSense program is totally dependent on you and your abilities. Here are some tips that you can use to get the best results from your AdSense Ads:

Use channels: Channels help you in conducting a better analysis of the performance of your AdSense Ads. You can use custom channels to check what web pages are making more revenue and which ones are not doing so well. In fact, custom channels can be used for conducting analysis on multiple aspects at the same time. You can use this analysis for making amendments to your AdSense Ads or website content in order to get better results.

AdSense’s Place In The Online Advertising World

Soon after the advent of internet, it was realized that the website real estate (or the space on websites) had commercial value in the advertising world. The simple reason behind this was the soaring popularity of internet and the increasing number of eyeballs received by various websites. Thus, internet advertising (or online advertising) came into being. Today, internet advertising is treated as one of the most effective and most economical means of advertising.

And a lot more than that …
What Is AdSense?
Any Website Can Become A Bill-Board
Setting Up Your Google AdSense Account
Getting The Maximum Out Of Google AdSense
What Makes Google AdSense System So Special?
AdSense For Search: What’s that?
Tips For AdSense For Feeds
Google’s Ad Filtering Mechanism.
Making The AdSense Ads Suit Your Website
Understanding Alternate Ads And PSAs
Guidelines For Adding The AdSense Code
AdSense Ad Variations
Top 4 Tips For Getting The Best Results
AdSense Tips That You Might Have Missed Out On
Getting Paid Through AdSense Program
Performance Tracking Through Reports

And Soo Much More!

How can you get this detailed e-book on AdSense program?

The ebook can be downloaded here

Source : Adsense Book Collection

My Recent Adsense Journey

As a blogger, I started creating websites that I found personally interesting to me. I found articles that were fun and interesting and posted them for people to read. After all.. people create blogs so they can share their feelings and aspirations. But when you create that blog you also feel that you are putting a large amount of time into the projects and wish to see if you are able to generate income from your work. This is where Google Adsense comes into play.

I discovered Google Adsense mostly by accident and was intrigued by the concept of Contextual Advertising. I felt if Google could deliver the ads, all I had to do was get the traffic. I could sit back and collect the money. I applied adsense to my site and waited. Well...I waited a "long time" for little to nothing.

Not being one to give up easily, I used small and large ad formats and applied them to the top half of my website, to the right side and also to the bottom. I waited a period of time to see the results and "surprise, surprise". I did get an increase in clicks. The only problem was, the clicks were still small and didn't amount to much. By this time most people would have given up and would have just moved along to other advertisers.

I seriously started to look at "Blogads" and "crispads" but I finally came back to Google. After a period of reflection, I decided that I was missing some critical pieces of information and decided the best route to take was to learn by example.

I looked long and hard at people who were successful at adsense. I looked at their sites. I made mental notes of what they were doing and what kind of content they had. I read their own stories of success and then compared what they did against each other.

What I found intrigued me. I found out that successful people in the adsense program have relavent content and they use human behavior to their advantage. Now relavent content is a given, but what I mean by "using human behavior" is a little bit more complex.

Evidently people arrive at your site and make up their minds up in a flash. Instantly they choose to stay on your site or leave it. They look for something that catches their interests and if it does, they stay there to read your information or end up buying a product.

Internet users are "trained" to look in certain locations and ignore things that are outside of their narrow scope of vision. People can look to the sides for information, but the propensity for them to click your ads becomes significantly lower. By putting ads directly "in their face", you have a greater chance they will click it.

Now, I am not an adsense expert by any stretch of the imagination and still learn new things everyday. I am like "you", a person who wants to generate an income and hopefully have more incentive to keep going. But...I know what works for me and what doesn't.

Now, there were only several things that I did to increase my adsense click through and after experimentation, I am convinced these are the winning ticket.

These are things I did:

I use a white background instead of a color background.

I remove the border on adsense so it does not look like an ad and make sure it matches the background.

I keep the Title and the Hyperlink "Blue".

I keep Adsense "above the fold", so they are the "FIRST" things that people see when they arrive at the site.

I use these formats only.

The 338X280. This one is primarily used because it is large and it does not look like an ad.

The small Google "ad links", (180x90) or others similar, because they are not targeted tightly and give people options to see other things that relavent to THIER interest and I blend the ad to make it look like the rest of the titles.

I try to keep the ads "left" aligned.

I use the 160X600 vertical for people to see when they move vertically down the website page.

I try to place images near the Google ads. Images draw the eyes near the ads.

I keep the site concise, clean and focused.

By using these tactics I was able to increase my adsense click through rate significantly depending on traffic level and people's interest.

Take my advice and give it try. I believe you will see a change and hopefully make adsense a more pleasurable experience.

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Thursday, 14 August 2008

How Does Adsense's Advantages Compare To Associate Programs

When Google introduced their new Adsense revenue sharing program, people began to wonder if things would change. Certain questions have been burning in people's mind like: what's going to happen to Associate Programs, how do they compare against Google's Adsense and will Adsense cause Associate Programs to be obsolete?

Well, that really depends on a number of things, which I will go over. In this article I am only going to cover a few advantages and disadvantages of using Google's Adsense vs Associate Programs and which Associate Programs will prevail.

In case you are not familiar with Google's Adsense, Adsense is a new service provided by Google. This service allows you to have text based advertisements on your web site, known as Google Adwords. In return, you will receive a share of revenue based on a pay per click arrangement.

How Does Adsense's Advantages Compare To Associate Programs ?

Adsense and Associate Programs share some of the same advantages such as, Adsense is free to join and so are most other Associate Programs. Making them both easy to start and suitable for you whether you are a beginner or an experienced marketer.

Another advantage with Adsense, is that you never have to search for advertisers. Google supplies you with the advertisements by using highly relevant content targeted ads. This will insure that only precisely relevant advertisements are displayed on your web site. As for Associate Programs, you will have to search for quality programs and the relevancy of the program will depend on the one you select.

Adsense enables you to filter out up to 200 urls, so you don't have inappropriate ads or display advertisements of your competition. The last thing you want is to send traffic to your indirect competition. No one in their right mind would do that, right! Moreover, with Associate Programs you can select which ones you want to promote, instead of worrying about advertising your indirect competition.

How Does Adsense's Disadvantages Compare To Associate Programs ?

One of the biggest disadvantages of Adsense, is that they never really tell you what percentage you will receive. I don't know about you, but wouldn't it be nice to know what percentage of revenue you will receive. If an Associate Program was to do that, they would have absolutely no one participating in their program, but somehow Google can manage to get away with that. With associate programs, you immediately know what your commission percentage is going to be before you sign up.

Even though you can filter certian urls, you will still receive inappropriate advertisements. The advertisements are only as good as the person who wrote them and if they select keywords or phrases that are too general, this will result in inappropriate advertisements appearring on your web site. Most Associate Programs enable you to write your own promotional advertisements, giving you a little more freedom.

Adsense does not rotate their advertisements, so eventually your click through ratio will decrease, as repeat visitors are less likely to click through them. Eventually, I'm sure Google will improve the way it does it's content targeting and start rotating their advertisements. By promoting an Associate Program you can simply change the wording of the advertisement, but with Adsense you can't do that, you have your hands tied behind your back.

Adsense's stats are terrible, they don't tell you which advertisements your visitors are clicking through or which keywords are involved. Google supplies Adwords users with the adequate stats, you would think that they would do the same for their Adsense partners.

You should keep in mind that any advertisement that is on your web site, is portrayed to be your recommendation. If you are advertising a poor product or service on your web site, it will reflect on your credibility. Any product or service that you promote, should be a reliable one. Otherwise people will assume that you have poor judgement and it will hurt your credibility. By promoting Associate Programs, you can pick and choose quality products or services to promote, giving you full control, without damaging your credibility.

Which Associate Programs Will Prevail ?

Even though Adsense has a substantial amount of disadvantages, it will still have a major affect on a lot of Associate Programs that are currently operating today. In fact, you could say it's a wake up call for many merchants, especially for the ones who operate a poor Associate Program. So if you operate your own Associate Program, that has a low commission percentage and/or has a poor conservation rate, now might be a good time to start thinking seriously about improving your Associate Program.

As to which Associate Programs will survive and prevail over Google's Adsense, it will be determined by a number of things. In order for Associate Programs to prevail, they will need to offer a high commission percentage of 40% or higher, have a high conservation rate of 1% or higher, and be a breeze to promote.

In the end, Google's Adsense is merely just another avenue of generating profits on your web site. Associate Programs will not become obsolete. Moreover, they will filter out the good Associate Programs from those that are bad, and only the quality ones will prevail.

Moreover, you can expect that Google will improve their Adsense campaign overtime, proving that they are a worthy adversary to the Associate Program industry. You must be able to adapt and improve as changes occur.

Source : Ram Sharma /

What is Adsense Illegal Traffic ?

Is it possible to trick google adsense by using shady traffic methods? Maybe, but it won't last and defies the systems purpose.

Many people have asked me what forms of traffic are illegal in the eyes of google adsense. Some have said that they felt they were using totally legitimate methods to attract visitors to their pages only to receive the dreaded "adsense wrist slap email". Something like "It has come to out attention that ads on your site are being clicked by visitors using non-approved techniques…If this continues we will be forced to discontinue…etc. I think you get the message.

So what exactly are legal sources of traffic in the eyes of google adsense?

Well, google adsense says that clicks must come from genuine internet users. So isn't someone who clicks on a redirect sub-domain from bought traffic a genuine internet user. Not if the link is sending bulk traffic to your site from the same IP address. So most of the traffic you can purchase is illegal by adsense standards, but not all. Finding a supplier of good traffic can be like finding a needle in a haystack and is probably not worth the effort because the chance of it being relevant is minimal. Anyway, traffic like this will increase your page clicks but not the adsense ad clicks. And this defies the purpose!

Other forms of traffic that are contrary to adsense regulations are paid-to-click, paid-to-surf, autosurf, click exchange programs or any type of software that can automatically send traffic to your site. Google uses the words "Includes but are not limited to…" when stating the above so it leaves it pretty open. These prohibitions also include but are not limited to robots, automated clicking, impression generating tools or third party services that generate clicks.

So what are the legal ways of attracting traffic to your google adsense ads without being penalized?

Well ironically, one can buy clicks from adwords which also belongs to google and they will send traffic to your site. Having said that, if this system is set up correctly it will bring targeted visitors to your adsense site and the ROI is quite justifiable.

One of the best ways to draw visitors is to focus on SEO techniques to improve your adsense site placement and ranking in the search engines. Relevant link partners are also a good source of targeted traffic. Signatures in forums, emails and on blogs which have the same subject matter as your pages.

Some people recommend safelist but I have never had any success with them. But I have had great success with solo ads as far as selling my products and getting clicks. But again you have to be sure you are getting targeted traffic for your dollars.

Testing and tracking are also vital to attracting traffic and maximizing clicks. It is crucial to know which techniques are working and which are not in order to fine tune your adsense strategies.

Source : Ram Sharma /

Tuesday, 5 August 2008

How to Make Money With AdSense the Easy Way!

Wondering how to make money with AdSense? You can stop wondering and start acting with this researched article. Begin today.

Google AdSense is all about making money on the internet. It’s not easy by any stretch of the imagination, but once you get the hand of how to make money with AdSense, then there is no looking back.

So what are the Benefits that will help you make some Money? Here they are:

1. Huge Database

If you use AdSense, you don’t have to search high and low for advertisers that are looking for space. You can use the database that is provided to you by Google. This essentially means that you will have a steady stream of advertisers at your disposal that would confirm to any number of content requirements. The more the advertisers, the more your choice in terms of products, geography, company size, and service! This means more earning for you in the long run.

2. The Search Box

When you talk about how to make money with AdSense, you need to understand that it’s all about using the various features offered by Google. The Google Search Box is one such feature. This feature can be added to your website and its purpose is to make the visitors stay back on your website for a longer period of time.

You can earn some good money from the procedure. Every ad that visitors click on, which was a part of the results that appeared on your web page, after the entering of a particular keyword, earns you some money.

3. Control

The best thing about AdSense is that you have complete control over the kind of Ads that you want to display on your site. Filtration of Ads is possible and this can be done and you can filter out Ads of companies that are competing against each other. You must learn how to make money with AdSense as it’s is process of hit and miss. Some things might work, others might not.

4. No Fee

When you save money, you are actually making money. There are no fees associated with participation in the AdSense program. However, time and effort is needed to put in place and understand the various features and filters that are offered by this program. Of course, you need to have a website to get into the Adsense program, and you will need to invest some amount of money in the designing, domain name registration and hosting of the website. Consider all these aspects before you think about how to make money with AdSense.

5. Optimize the Usage

Learn how to make the most of this program. You have to produce original content that is eye catching and creative. Also know what others are doing right. There is no harm in getting tips from people who have experience in the field. This is one way of learning how to make money with AdSense.

Do remember that making money with AdSense is a long term process and you must be able to hold your own in a competitive environment. Use all the strategies and tips that have been give above to optimize the earning from the Google AdSense program.

Source : Alan Lim /

Monday, 4 August 2008

Google Adsense Page Positioning

Correct positioning of your Google adsense ads can make or break your success with the Google adsense program. Why is this true? Some studies suggest that eye positioning on website gravitate to particular sections of web pages. And if you don’t have the necessary ads in these positions you will not get the clicks.

I talked to countless people that have great traffic, some with 300 to 1000 new visitors a day that say that they only make approx. at max $10 to $20 dollars a month on the adsense program. What a shame. But when I look at their websites the ads are either buried in wording that no one usually pays attention to or the ads are located in positions that just don’t call any attention to their presence.

So were the best locations for you Google adsense ads. Well, I have found the number one best place for the ads are near or in proximity to your main menu. Why near your main menu. Because you know that visitors eyes will and always look for the menu structure of your website. So the common places for placement should be to the top right, the very top under your menu, or the top left. These are the most common locations for you main menu.

But what about the color scheme of the Google adsense ads? Yes, color is very important. You have to make the ads looks as seamless as possible. Here is an example on one of my website Here I decided to position the ads at the very top right under my main menu. In direct eye contact. Also, remove the borders; just these two changes will increase your adsense proceeds one hundred percent.

By using these tactics I was able to increase my adsense click through rate significantly depending on traffic level and people's interest.

Take my advice and give it try. I believe you will see a change and hopefully make adsense a more pleasurable experience.

Source : Kenneth Elliott / Article Emporium

Adsense - 7 keys to empire?

There's a lot of buzz around about how you can make a quick and easy fortune using this AdSense course or that tool or this book.

And they show you their incomes from AdSense too (though not necessarily THIS month). Now, is it just me or is something a little odd in all this?

Say, I'm making $5000 - no make that $15,276 a month from AdSense on my sites. And now I'm going to sell all my secrets on how to do that for $67 or $97 or whatever.

So what happened, did I get all bored with my filthy riches and decide to become a philanthropist and sell stuff that makes me 15K a month for a pittance? Or is it something else?

Am I saying it's impossible? Certainly not. I know people who make that more.

But a little reality. Those people don't have 5 or 6 or 50 sites. They have maybe 500 or 3000 or more. Few sites make 20 or more a day. Very few. Average income is probably less than a dollar a day. So with 500 sites at a dollar a day, you've got your 15K a month.

Now the domain names cost you maybe $3500 to $4500. Then you need hosting and somehow you've got to build the sites and get traffic to them. There are excellent tools but the ones that will let you do this kind of thing in a reasonably short time are also very (very) expensive.

And you are continually dealing with sites that don't get indexed or get de-indexed or even get banned. Traffic today, gone tomorrow. Plus, if you're not real careful with those tools you may get an unpleasant letter from Google about a DMCA copyright infringement which could cost you your AdSense account.

You can make money, you can build an empire. But it isn't easy or quick no matter what you hear. And it really isn't a business. It's not a long run proposition, it's not stable. You need to keep creating more sites as older ones fail - or you need to be smart and use those AdSense revenues to build an enduring business.

You put up with this down to here, so here are the real 7 "secret" keys to AdSense.

1. The best performing AdSense type is the large rectangle. This has been tested over and over.

2. The best colors are blue for the link - surfers know that blue means click me. And darkish almost black and grey for the text and url. No borders. The same background as your page. Will it merge into your content? No, that's bogus. There are maybe 4 surfers in this galaxy who can't tell a Google ad when they see one. They are not going to believe it's part of the text. Wake up, OK?

3. Another format which is being reported to more or less work is the full wide banner type layout with text ads and images directly above the links. Try it and see if it works for you. Maybe it's a fad.

4. Keywords and related content are critical if you want targeted ads. If you want high paying clicks you need to target the costly keywords AND have content that supports the keywords.

5. You need traffic interested in the ads. Which means your traffic generation techniques have to be targeted not scattershot. You might hear that 1% or 1.5% clickthrough rate is OK and 3% is good. Nonsense. Really successful people get CTRs that are often well above 30%. Even with modest efforts you should be getting an average 6 to 15% CTR (per ad impression, not pages).

6. You have to track what you're doing and you have to test variations in ad layout, placement, color and related content to optimize your income. No one can tell you how to do it except the traffic coming to your site. If you don't test and track, you're flying blind.

7. You need to keep building new sites.

You are now a member of the AdSense Illuminati. Quite possibly you already knew all that. So why are you looking for something else? Really. This is all you need to start doing it.

Probably any course or book can help you if that's what it takes to get you moving and doing. Ultimately, no one can really show you exactly how to do it. You're going to have to learn the ropes and put in the time.

Like everything in life - the greatest traffic generator, the ultimate course or the super MLM opportunity, if it sounds too good to be true, then it is. There's no magic bullet, no ultimate secret to buy. There's no easy, painless, work free, certain road to riches (except, maybe, inheriting it and that can be very hard on the heirs).

Whatever you do on the net, do it wide awake and with your brain actually functioning. The final un-numbered key is that a technique, a shortcut, an idea that will make what you do easier, faster, or more profitable - one single tiny thing - is worth more than any book or course costs. One useable idea and you've gotten a great deal. If you learned something you didn't know or had forgotten, then it's worth much more than you paid. There may not be any magic solution out there, but there are useful concepts, techniques and ideas. You just have to see them for what they are, and then get busy and really use them.

Source : Richard Keir / Article Emporium

Saturday, 2 August 2008

Adsense – The Powerful Passive Income Generator

Webmasters have a revolutionary new method of collecting income from their websites. Whereas in the past advertising revenue was reserved for those sites with large a coming and going of visitors, now even teenagers are making a quick buck with their online hobby blogs. People place adsense on their online family photo albums, their blogs and their business sites. The minimum you would get, even with a small amount of traffic, is for adsense to pay for your hosting costs.

Adsense revolutionized the world of paid advertising; banner advertising is based on the number of visitors you attract to your site, so the number of “banner impressions” dictate the revenue you receive. Google Adsense is quite different; it is the number of visitors that actually click on the advertising that determine how much you earn.

There is also a great disparity between payouts; because advertisers bid up the price for certain keywords, some ads pay more than others. As such, a site with few visitors but expensive keywords in their google ads can potentially still pull in a hefty payout.

Google really has taken the web by storm; attracted to passive income, more and more people are seriously capitalizing on their Google adsense advertising. Some of the highest earners manage to attract enough visitors to make a four figure monthly income, just from using adsense alone! This is not one of those get-rich-quick schemes and Google’s adsense success is largely thanks to the fact that Google already enjoyed a fantastic reputation before introducing the program. They are a publicly traded company with physical headquarters. This, and the fact that anyone can apply to use adsense for free, has caused millions of people to sign up. For google it was a smart move, because now they extend their presence to countless websites and generate millions of dollars in advertising revenue. People were never reluctant to sign up, because the program is free. Google benefits by more people using adsense, so offering it for free was the best thing they could do.

One of the driving forced behind the program are its relevance to each and every page on a website; the program picks up keywords appearing in the website copy and automatically displays relevant ads. This increases the chances of people clicking through, and the webmaster collecting more revenue.

People are leveraging their income by operating several websites and attempting to attract as many targeted visitors as possible; in many instances we can observe that people work hard at a site, then once it is established they can largely leave it alone, yet still collect significant checks.

A major concern for entrepreneurs was the danger of a competitors ads showing up on their site; thanks to the adsense feature where it only displays relevant advertising. However this problem was solved by offering webmasters the option of filtering out unwanted ads. They can submit the URL of the competing site in their account, and any ads from the website will be blocked.

Google recently came out with a new feature: small targeted keywords based on the site’s content are displayed; then as people click on those, a page opens showing a variety of pay-per-click ads based on that keyword. This gives webmasters the chance of displaying more advertising in less space.

Adsense also adds creditability to your website; the more focused the content, the better the ads will be and this encourages people to built high quality websites. These make the net a better place and generally provide a free service; site owners can afford to share their expertise or passions because they can receive indirect revenue’s. The visitor does not pay for the information; instead the advertisers do, making the website’s existence possible in the first place.

It is no surprise Google adsense is the most widely used form of advertising; they have created a program that is beneficial to both advertisers and users with their “no click no pay” mechanism, or more popularly called “pay-per-click”. Advertisers do not pay for ads that are not drawing visitors, and website owners are paid more for each click than they would if the system were based on the number of people viewing the ads, instead of clicking on them.

All in all Google adsense has developed itself into a powerful tool, used by large corporations and the kid next door. They have truly revolutionized how the web thinks about advertising and made the process more profitable for site owners, while less costly for advertisers.

Source : Matt Bacak/Article Emporium

Friday, 1 August 2008

Google AdSense and Blogs

If you have a blog, or are thinking about starting a blog, then you are definitely going to want to read this article. It’s all about how to line your pockets with money that’s just waiting to be made without working much harder than you already are.

No only are blogs the hottest thing on the ‘net right now, but they are custom-made for Google’s AdSense program. Why? It’s simple. Blogs represent constantly changing and fresh content to Google’s search engine spiders. Feeding fresh content to those little spiders is just like tossing raw meat to a tiger. They just gobble it up. The more pages of your blog that get indexed, the more traffic you get. And the more traffic you get, the more exposure your AdSense ads get. Are you beginning to see where I’m heading here?

It’s not just Google that loves new content, all of the major engines do. In fact, some web-savvy bloggers are testing Google ads on one page and Overture ads on the other. It doesn’t take too long to see which ads are doing the best when you have nearly side-by-side comparison statistics to look at. Just don’t make the mistake of putting Google and Overture ads on the same page together. While they won’t kill each other like a pair of Siamese fighting fish in the same bowel will, you will be violating both sites’ Terms of Service, and it isn’t worth killing the goose (geese) that laid the golden egg.

It’s a snap to set up Google AdSense ads on your blog. Everything you need to know is right inside of the Google control panel. What’s not so easy is figuring out what ads are going to appear on each page. Since Google targets your key words, and your blog articles could possible wander towards any subject, you never know what you’re going to get.

Well, “never” is a strong word because there actually IS a way to pre-test your blog’s ads before you post your newest edition. Here’s what you do:

• Write your blog article like you normally would
• Plug in your AdSense code and then post your newest page to a sub directory that’s not part of your blog.
• Click refresh a few times until Google wakes up and starts sending ads.
• If you don’t like what you see then fine-tune the article until you see the types of ads that you’re looking for.

With some ads paying as much as $5 per click or more, I’d certainly spend an extra 30 minutes or so tweaking my blog. That’s for sure.

If you’re working hard to get your blog in front of visiting eyeballs, then it doesn’t make any sense at NOT to be using Google AdSense to draw every penny out of your site that’s possible. OK, that’s the end of the article. Now get busy tweaking your blog and checking your ads. You’ve got money waiting to be made!

Source : Diane Nassy